Casa Salinas - your holiday home in Spain

Further Afield

If you hire a car there are many places to visit within an easy driving distance.

Two cities spring immediately to mind – Cartagena and Murcia.


Cartagena is a very pleasant and relaxing city to walk around. There are a lot of archaeological sites (including a recently discovered Amphitheatre which really is breathtaking), historical buildings, interesting museums and nice shops. The harbour area is very beautiful – small wonder it is a regular stop for cruise ships!


Murcia is a city brimming with culture and world-beating tapas bars. Reputedly it serves  some of the best food in Spain (and I wouldn’t argue!). 

But it there is more to the city than that and you can easily spend a day exploring its ancient streets. You can sit and relax for hours in the cathedral square and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of sangria.  For the shopper it has many plazas with shops of all sizes ....some of them pretty expensive!